Park rules and policies in TNCO

For your safety and enjoyment at our Park, please carefully read all of the text below.   Failure to follow any of the regulations, conditions and instructions set forth below may result in serious injury to yourself, other individuals or environnement. Individuals not following Park rules and safety instructions, will be subject to immediate ejection from the Park without refund or compensation.

Article1: General Principles

  • By entering on the TNCO you declare to have accepted our rules and regulations, terms and conditions of the Liability and safety. We advise to take a personal insurance, some are available on the tnco’s recepetion if you need.

  • It is the responsibility of the participants and public users of the TNCO facilities to look after and secure their personal items and belongings. TNCO staff will not be responsible for any theft or loss of unattended items.

  • All house equipment is to be treated with care and not to be used on the obstacles/features in the lake, dragged on the ground or otherwise mistreated. Should a piece of equipment fail due to misuse, TNCO will charge a replacement fee to the user. Any damage to or destruction of Park property (or the property of another), or theft of any property, will not be tolerated. 

  • Abusive, aggressive and obstructive behavior will not be tolerated at TNCO

  • In certain severe weather situations (storm, tempete..), for your safety, the Park may close for few minutes or more

  • Welcome to the guests with disabilities!  Our goal is to accommodate our guests with disabilities to the fullest extent possible and in compliance with law.

  • In keeping with a family-friendly environment, the Park prohibits nudity.

  • Using drugs or smoking chichi is strictly forbidden.

  • Dogs should be on a leash while inside the area.

  • Wild fires and camping in the park area is strictly forbidden.

  • The park disclaims all liability, and shall not be held liable in any manner whatsoever, for any trip, slip, and/or fall you and/or any minor(s) in your care may suffer, Nor for ANY INJURIES CAUSED FROM walking OR STUMBLING into objects or structures, and problem with your material when using the obstacles.  By entering the park, you automatically agree to this waiver of all such liability. 

Article 2: Safety

In Agreement with art A322-44 of sport’s code

  • Children under 14 years of age may NOT be at the Park without adult supervision.   Regardless, we strongly recommend that minors (under 18) be accompanied by an adult.

  • Swimming knowledge is a must, at least 25 metres

  • Anyone suffering or undergoing the following will not allowed on the cable ways: severe asthma, heart problems, epilepsy, recent surgery, broken bones, pregnancy, mental disability/disorder

  • Do not participate any ride or activities, IF YOU ARE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ANY ALCOHOL, DRUGS (WHETHER LEGAL MEDICATION OR ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES) OR OTHER SUBSTANCES Wich may affect your health, senses, reflexes and coordination

  • A helmet, a personal floatation device must be worn at all times while in the lagoon and the cable ways. Participants refusing to follow this condition will not be allowed on the cable ways.

  • From begging till ending the activity you should:

    • do not break the queue ( beginner line and expert line),

    • show the operator your bracelet or pass

    • get quickly in position and take the rudder, Please watch where you are going

    • in case of fall, get out the ride axis and do not try to hung up the rudder

    • avoid the peolpe who felt down and make sure she’s ok, drop the rope to avoid collision

    • not leave your equipement on the area

    • not jump over or ride close to somebody on the water

    • not swimming in the lake

    • not fishing in the ride area

  • When feeling unwell or in need of medical assistance, participants have to alert any of the TNCO’s staff members who will administer First Aid or alert ambulance services in the case where professional treatment is required.

Article 3 : Parkings

  • Stop! Parking is reserved for our guests. Parking lots are, by their very nature, hazardous places where you must act cautiously and pay attention at all times for yourself and those in your care (minors, elderly needing assistance, disabled persons, etc.).  Please drive slowly and carefully at all times (including into and out of parking spaces, or when entering or exiting the lot), realizing that children may be running about, that elderly or disabled may not hear or see your car, etc.  The park shall not be liable for theft, break-ins, car collisions or other property damage, and the park has zero liability for anything occurring on public roads.
  • driving around the lake is strictly forbidden during cable-park activity .

Article 4 :

  • In keeping with a quiet and relax environment, the Park prohibits personal radio/boomer box or music instruments.

  • The Park May Take and Use Images & Video of All Guests , if you do not want to, you should inform the staff on your arrival.

  • Use of drones (in, over, or around the Park), whether for photographic purposes or otherwise, is strictly prohibited (unless the user has been granted written, contractual permission for that specific instance from an officer of the Park or its parent entity). Violations may subject the user to immediate ejection, confiscation of the drone, and referral of the matter to authorities. Drones are a serious safety hazard to ride operations, Park operations (including electrical facilities), and to the Park’s guests and personnel. Use of drones in, over or around the Park, also constitutes an illegal trespass, an invasion of the Park’s privacy, and a tortious interference to our operations.

The Park has a wide assortment of foods and beverages available, including bottled water, so


Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation!

Be safe and have fun!